The Thrill Of The Hunt

Normally I am not a Goodwill shopper, which is funny because I enjoy scouring consignment and antique stores for great home finds. After reading Emily A Clark's blog and learning about all the great goodies she has found at Goodwill, I was inspired! My mother-in-law is also a big Goodwill shopper, so when she was in town last week I suggested we check it out. Now trust me when I say most of it is junk. You have to be lucky or have a good eye. Right when we walked in there was a fur coat on a mannequin that had literally been brought in that day. It was in mint condition for $30! I quickly scarfed that up, as I adore faux and real fur (sorry to any PETA lovers). I mean where can you find a real fur coat for that cheap? How fabulous is this jacket going to look with a turtleneck, skinny jeans and boots this fall!

Lately, I had been looking for something to hang Sterling's outfits on above his changing table. I came across this and thought, perfect! Best part it was only $2.95!

Hideous colors, but nothing a can of white gloss spray paint couldn't fix!
This is what it looked like after! Pretty cute I think!

While I won't be shopping at Goodwill everyday, I am now alot more open to the idea of looking for some treasures here! So, next time I go on one of my cleaning sprees and drop my old junk off, I might just pop in and check out other people's old junk!