The Hot Pink Necklace: An Update

As you all know I so wanted this Adia Kibur hot pink necklace on Shopbop but it is sold out:(

Well thanks to my readers who alerted me to the Bauble Bar, where I found this almost identical necklace for even less than the Adia Kibur necklace. The Bauble Bar necklace is $38 and if you are a first time shopper on BB you get $10 off your first order which brings your grand total to $28 for an awesome necklace. Plus you get free shipping and returns. I was sold! It is pre-order and says it doesn't ship til May but I figure that is one month away and I can wait. Plus normally pre-order stuff ships sooner than the estimated date anyways. I ordered the pink but it also comes in Cobalt blue and bright yellow.
Bauble Bar Fluoro Necklace

Cobalt Blue Collar Necklace
Phospho Necklace- Apparently Ann Curry sported this one on the Today Show.

It also comes in a double style called the Neon Color Block Collar that I freaking love. It is a great price too at $62! Love the pink and yellow together! It would make such a great statement necklace with a maxi dress this summer!

Seriously ladies check out Bauble Bar if you never have! I am so happy to have found it. I will report back when the necklace arrives and let you know the quality etc. But I have a feeling I am going to love my new hot pink necklace and be wearing her all summer!