Obsessions- Michaela Noelle Designs

This week the gorgeous Michaela Noelle is contributing to my weekly "Obsessions" series and sharing what she is currently loving.
If you have not checked out Michaela's blog, it is a must read! Not only is she beautiful, but she is super sweet and very talented!

(I told you she was gorgeous!)
Her blog is one of my favorite daily reads! She is constantly inspiring me with her eye for design and Fashion Friday posts. Although we have never met in person, I feel like she is a dear friend through all our online exchanges. Michaela you rock, thanks for participating in my series! xoxo

Hi there, fabulous readers of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers! It's Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs.  I'm so thrilled to be here! I was so excited when my girl Natalie asked me to guest post about things I'm obsessing over.  Funny thing is, whenever I see something I love I always say, "I'm obsessed with that!" {Even if it's the first time I've seen it} So today I'll be sharing a million five things I'm obsessed with as of lately.

{My room at home}


This kitchen is literally my dream kitchen. I want the fireplace, the backsplash, the rustic barn ceilings.  Obsessed is an understatement.


This is my favorite way to take an outfit from ordinary to unique! Even someone who's read my Fashion Friday posts just once would know I'm infatuated with headbands and flowers.


I want every single piece of clothing the spring line has to offer. Like, right now please (:
I love how they're mixing pastels and bold colors with prints and neutrals! 


How'd this get in here?!  Somehow she makes it into most of my posts.  How could I not be obsessed with the cutest golden retriever ever?  She's will shake your hand, be your defender when you're practicing football {obviously I'm talking about my brother practicing football...I can't play sports to save my curls in a rain storm!}, she'll pick up her toys when she's done playing with them and put them back in her bucket, she won't leave our property {except that one time when she went to go say hello to her BFF Roxy, aka the neighbor dog} and she'll eat your carrots from under the table when you don't want them.  
Thanks so much for having me, Natalie! You're beautiful inside and out, and I hope I will be just as stylish and wonderful when I'm a mama one day.  I just love this series and can't wait to see what others come up with!

xoxo, Michaela