My Next Diaper Bag

Hold your horses, I am not pregnant! I just like to browse online at purses. You see they are my weakness. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Sterling I set out on the search for the ultimate diaper bag, enter my gorgeous Gucci Tote. Now I am no where near pregnant again (at least not to my knowledge) but I thought I might do some research on my next diaper bag and this is it. The elusive Goyard Tote. They hardly sell them anywhere and they are way out of my price range. They have no online store so you have to find a store that carries them. Looks like the only flagship store in the US is in San Fransisco. Makes me want one even more. I love the monogram, I would totally do my next baby's initials on the bag, fabulousness! Added plus they are made out of a material that is easy to wipe and clean. All pieces are covered in a signature hand-painted patented Chevron canvas made of cotton, linen, and hemp in various colors. Perfect for a diaper bag! Hopefully I will own one of these totes one day!

Apparently red and black were the first colors Goyard used to create their totes and small accessories. Now they have branched out to other colors and do special orders. How gorgeous are all these bags? I am thinking I would choose the brown or black just so it would go with everything and then do the monogram in a fun color. The third bag is my favorite color combo with the brown and ivory.