My Christmas Wish List

Hard to believe Christmas is less than 6 weeks away. I swear 2012 flew by. I have actually started some of my Christmas shopping- not much but I do have a few gifts already bought. Which makes me feel less stressed already!
Several of you emailed me and asked me to share my Christmas list, so here it is. This is literally the list I gave my parents and grandfather. They are all items I seriously adore and want. I really like that my family does Christmas lists, that way everybody gets something they really want. We have been doing Christmas lists since I was a child. I remember flipping through all the massive toy catalogs (think JCPenny) and folding down the pages where I wanted stuff and giving that to my grandparents. I am no good with surprises which is why I like to pick out all my gifts. One year when I was a child while my parents were out I opened up every single gift under the tree and then rewrapped them and pretended to be surprised on Christmas Day. Just so I could know what was under there the surprise was killing me!
This year I happen to know the purple Theory Blouse will be under the tree waiting for me- lets just say my mom starts her shopping early:) What is on your wish list? Anything missing on my list?
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