Let's Talk Fabric- I Need Help + Winner

I am slowly but surely crossing things off my house to-do list for 2013. Painting the den and hallway was such a huge task looming over me and now that it is done I am ready to focus on seating in our den.  My parents have a great upholsterer in Charlotte who is super affordable.  He made my mom and sister in law some custom ottomans for a steal that look awesome - think small square nail head cubes.  Anyways I would love a pair for our den to have some extra seating.  Here is our den layout right now.

This is the size and shape the ottomans would be.  My Den is not huge so I don't have room for massive ottomans.
  I would use the two ottomans on the other side of the coffee table across from the couch. This would be more conducive for entertaining.  I also still need another cane back chair to flank the other side of the coffee table- if you find one let me know, I am still searching!  I have narrowed down the fabric to three choices- but I open to suggestions if anyone has any.  I am clueless when it comes to decorating decisions.  


This is what they all look like on my rug to give you a better idea.  Our den is pretty neutral with the rug being the most colorful aspect we need to match.  The Cane back Chair is upholstered in navy velvet.  

So which fabric should I go with?  I was pretty sold on option two til I came across one, I think three is my least favorite.  And another option is to scratch the ottomans and recover my wing back chairs in one of these fabrics- it will be much pricier of a project though, but maybe I should do that first and the ottomans second.  I mainly want to do the ottomans first because we are desperate for extra seating!
In case you don't remember our wing backs flank our TV (which is massive, thanks to Matt- men and their TVs).  They are a gold plaid fabric right now.  The fabric is in excellent condition I just don't love it.  They will eventually be recovered too just can't decide if I should do them in a solid color with some piping or a pattern.

Help a sista out and give me some decorating advice!!xoxo.................................................................................................................The Winner of the $100 Lulu & Georgia Giftcard is Juliana (Ocean Akers)!  We will email you with details how to redeem your gift certificate.  Enjoy shopping!!You can still use code DBDD20 thru today for 20% off all purchases!